Monday, September 16, 2013

Kim Kardashian Makeup Looks

10 Best Looks of Kim Kardashian - Get Dressed Up Like Kim

Kim Kardashian's Fashion and Style Part 1

Kim Kardashian's curves do make a great contribution to how good she looks in these dresses. But the dresses themselves do compliment her as well thanks to the great work by her stylist.

Look # 1

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Look #2

Look # 3

Look # 4

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Look # 5

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Look # 6

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Look # 7

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Look # - Kim in Classy Little Black Dress 

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Look # 8

Look # 9

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Look # 10

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kim Kardashian Curly Luscious Hair

They say a fertile woman should have full lips, curvy healthy body, and thick hair. Kim Kardashian is known to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her hair is one of her best assets. And this post is about her beautiful healthy curles that make us all stare with envy.

#1 I love this look on her because of its wavy loose curls that require minimal products. Whether you have blonde, brunette, or light brown hair colors, you can pull this off. The length of the hair ends around the mid of the back. It's sensuous, it requires low-maintenance, and its really easy to do.

How to Get This Look

 #2 More Defined Curls for Glamous Look

This is a great hair do for prom if you're not into the updos and would prefer going with something that is sexy and easy to do or undo. This is similar to look #1 but the difference is that this one requires more hairspray for more defined and glossier finish.

#3 Beach Babe Curls

This is just what we get to see on Victoria's Secret Models a lot and Kim definitely can pull of the look, and so can most of us (given we have enough hair in terms of length). This is a great hair style for those of us who can't bother with using hair rolls or checking up on the curls later on after we leave the house. It's supposed to look like you couldn't care less, you just happen to look good. And don't we all love that?

How to get the look


Look # 4 Beach Babe Going to A Night Party

This look is suitable for beach party. It's similar to the one above, you simply just need to pin the front fringe up for cute and friendly look.  Remember to match it with a sweet pastel dress and light glossy makeup.

3 Gorgeous Kim Kardashian's Updo Hair Styles

Kim Kardashian's Updo Hair Style

# 1 - The Classic High Bun Hair

Kim's Updo Hair Style in this photo is elegant, neat, and it kind of reminds me of Elisabeth Taylor in her early days. Very classy when you pair it with big pieces of jewelry like in this one she pairs it with long chandelier earrings and red/orange lips and thick full lashes.

# 2 - Side Swept Rolled Updo - A Little Twist on the Side

I love this look on her; she looks chic, urban, and down to earth. This updo gives her that ethnic yet modern look which when she wears it with clean and fresh makeup (without the heavy eyelining on the bottle lash lines), it adds that vibrant youthfulness to her face. Yet, it is not to be confused with being a child-like. Her wardrobe is sophisticated, professional, and sexy. 

This is a look you can wear to a job interview given that your career has something to do with being creative, stylish, and fun. (Certainly, if your field of career is attorney, you might not want to go for this look.)

# 3 Big Sexy Updo

This updo on Kim is sultry, sexy, and sweet. It gives the impression that Kim is laid-back, sensual, and yet well-groomed, that she is. This updo goes well with smaller pieces of jewelry to avoid looking too shaggy or scruffy.

So here you have it; the three most favorite updo hair styles worn by the ultimate beauty Kim Kardashian.